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MySciLife Pilot Research 2012-13

The results are in. The research study from the first two semesters of MySciLife pilot conducted during the 2012-13 school year explored two questions:

Outcome Question: What effect does social media-based learning have on middle-level science performance?

KEY FINDING: Three out of four groups using MySciLife showed a statistically significant increase in students' science content knowledge as compared to the control groups using traditional instruction.

Process Question: How does social media-based learning affect student attitudes and perceptions about learning science?

When asked to compare MySciLife to their experience with traditional methods of science instruction, most students replied that MySciLife helped them understand content, that they enjoyed the social interaction, and that MySciLife was fun and creative.

Read the full report in your choice of formats:

MySciLife Research Report 2012-13, interactive, online version

MySciLife Research Report 2012-13, interactive, tablet version (Does not use Flash)

MySciLife Research Report 2012-13, download the complete report in PDF format (17.3 Mb).



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